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10. Super Mario Galaxy, Wii (2007) Nintendo

This game made its slot in the top 10 for being a surpassingly excellent game. It reinvented 3D platforming, taking concepts first explored in Sonic Adventure 2 and one of the Ratchet and Clank games and making gravity-based gameplay an integral part of the game. There are many games with superlative platforming on this list, however, and what really puts Super Mario Galaxy ahead is how it integrates color and music to really make you feel the experience. It really clicked with me, obviously, making me feel the magic of video gaming in a way that no game had since Super Mario 64 (more on that later).

Where it went above its storied predecessor 3D Marios, however, was in giving you a truly meaningful reward for getting all 120 stars: the ability to play the whole game again with Luigi, his first appearance in a 3D Mario game.

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