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11. Super Mario Bros. (NES)

Mario obviously has his roots in the old Donkey Kong games, but it was here where the series as we really know it came to be. It was also the first game I ever played, so it wins some extremely important nostalgia points. That said, I still play the game every now and then, 27 years since it released (although it was a few years after that when I first played it). That's a true testament to its lasting appeal. It holds up so well because the controls and gameplay are so excellently crafted. The physics of Mario were just as good then as they are in the modern games (which is worth praising when after all this time, some competitors are still stuck with floaty jumping physics). Everything about the game was just done right, and that's something that became a recurring theme within the series, which is why Mario is still so popular after all this time.

Clue for 10. If you choose to take a certain route, Castolo is your main threat.

And my lowest rated game would probably be Epic Mickey.