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12. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)

Twilight Princess comfortably takes the award for the most epic unveiling ever seen, and that's probably because there are a lot of people out there who believe that Nintendo should have made this game instead of Wind Waker, and thus when it finally came around, there was a lot of pent up frustration. That's not really what matters though. What matters is that it turned out to be a great game aided by the new control options provided by the Wii. Sure, sword fighting was nowhere near where it should have been, but using the bow and other items with the Wii Remote worked like a dream.

Any Zelda game lives and dies on the strength of its dungeons, and I believe that Snowpeak Ruins, the City in the Sky, and the Cave of Ordeals (even though it's entirely optional) are all excellent, with the Cave providing a bit of a extra difficulty that some parts of the main game lacked. There was also plenty to do outside of the main and side quests. Fishing made a welcome return, and I wasted a few hours of game time simply seeing what I could catch.

Ultimately, it's a fantastic game in isolation, but in some ways there was a feeling that you'd seen certain things before within the Zelda series...

Clue for 11. Ignoring the series earliest roots, this is where everything started.