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Michael-5 said:

Do you want me to name just new cars, or cars it's lacking in general?

It's just curiosity and it's hard to put all requested fans cars into the game.

Michael-5 said:

Anything American newer then 2007 would be great. Things like the Ford Mustang GT (with 400hp instead of 300 hp) which was actually out when GT5 released or a Mustang Boss, or a GT500, even if it's just one, The new BMW M5 (only released a year after GT5), a BMW 1M or an M6, or a 1M, you know some of the cars BMW is known for, A Ferrarri 599 GTO, FXX, you know some of the hyper performance Ferrarri's of today, Gumpert Apollo, Henessey Venom, the newer Hydai Genesis (Does GT5 even have one?), A Konigsegg....No really, JUST 1 Konigsegg would be nice, The Lotus Evora Supercharged, or the Type 124, two critical cars for Lotus nowdays, and the SuperSport is one I particularly want to try, A modern Benz E, SL, SLK, CL, or well half the lineup in AMG format would be nice, a Pagani Huayra, something called a Panoz (A street version), Porsche....yes Porsche, just one, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 Porsche would be nice. This is like the biggest car company ever, it's my favorite, it's Ferrarri's biggest compeditor, they own Lamborghini, a Modern Saleen, like a Raptor, the list just goes on.

There is just so many other cars Nissan could have added to GT5.....wait....why the heck are half the new cars Nissans?

I could name a pile of old cars, GT5 is missing so many great American muscle cars, and even just some great cars in general. Where is the Lamborghini Diablo, the Ford Thunderbird,The Cehvrolet Nova, Impala, Bel Air, or the Dodge Dart, or the first muscle car, the Pontiac Firebird? Ever heard of a company called Holden? GT5 has like 2 Holden cars, but how many Daihatsu's does it have? Do you know about this thing called the Maserati MC-12? It's the sister car to the Enzo, but nah, it's not important, just the biggest car for Maseratti ever. Once you leave the Japanese Market GT5 only gets some of the important cars, but it misses out on so many more. Bugatti is know for more then just the Veyron you know?

I see I like some cars you listed... other is just another version alredy into GT5... the most noticiable lack is the Porche but that's not GT falt... it's the exclusive contract with Microsoft... so no other game can have Porches (If I'm not wrong the exclusive contract is now with EA).

Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Toyota have the most quantity of the cars in the game... the creator is Japaneses so I can understand that fact... it's more logical yet when even with so many cars from these company the GT5 still have the most diversity cars in any other sim racing game in consoles... so I don't see problem here.

They received the Ford Corvette '13/14 (Corvette > Mustang) now and I'm wating January to remove his cape and see how bealtiful the new Corvetter is.