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Wow 16 of those cars are Nissans, doesn't Polyphony understand we don't all love Nissan as much as them? Heck most of those Nissans are identical, just modified, many based on cars already in the game. Very little is new here.

16 Nissans, 3 Go Karts, 15 Japanese cars total, 9 European cars.....a 2 American cars, both Chevy.

LOL they included a Mini Countrymen, but no Ford Mustang. WOW, sorry ethomaz, there are more mini's then Muscle cars in GT5, and more Nissans then anything. PD is terrible at selecting cars.

Who cares dude, the Skyline and GT-R are BEAST. The 2013 GT-R is a hell of a car.

Also, the Ford Mustang is irrelevent. IRRELEVANT! European cars > American cars.