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13. Super Mario World (SNES)

There was a time, over a decade ago now, when I knew this game like the back of my hand. I'd found every exit, I'd maxed out my score, I'd got the maximum number of lives, and yet I kept playing. I started challenging myself to playthrough the game within a certain time, or to playthrough without losing a life or various other things like that, and every time I defeated my own challenges, I came up with a new one until I quite simply ran out of ideas to squeeze more life out of the game. This is the true mark of greatness. When you've done everything normally possible within a game, but you enjoy it so much that you push yourself to go above and beyond the norm. Super Mario World was all that and more, and yet, it's still not my favourite Mario game. Not even close...

Number 12 made grown men weep with delight.