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CGI-Quality said:
d21lewis said:
CGI-Quality said:

Yeah dude, I sure do say it a lot, because I find, too often, people confuse a completely separate technique, CGI rendering, with in-engine cutscenes (never denied the extra added effects - would know them first hand since I work in that field).

There's a difference between Final Fnatsy XIII's cutscenes in 1080p and Heavenly Sword's cinematics. One was CGI and the other was in-engine (though FFXIII used some of those as well). Everything in HS was rendered on the engine - the same technique used by many devs, with extra added effects not running in-game (never claimed it was in-game, either). If you own HS, go look through the extra content on the disc. It's explained in great detail there. Just a hint - Heavenly Sword's cutscenes weren't praised because they were pre-rendered CGI.

Btw, you found just one source that praised Ensalved's facial animation. I could find one that disagrees. I'm saying there wasn't a general consensus that put Enslaved at the top of its class.

I could find more.  IGN was just the first one that popped up.  I'll watch the bonus features right now.  Is there one in particular I should watch?

Anyway, let's agree to disagree?

I advise you to read the edited version of my last post. We can agree to disagree, but it's fact that HS's cutscenes are not CGI and very much rendered on the game engine. But, I am willing to drop it though, especially since there's nothing left to prove. As for Enslaved, yep, I'm willing to drop that too.

As a final note, take up the advice on watching the Bonus Footage from Heavenly Swords's disc. Ninja Theory discsusses their technique(s) used to create the "in-engine" cutscenes.

Thought I could just let it go.  Turns out, I can't.  Go figure.

I still haven't looked at the footage on the disc, yet.  I  I looked at your links.  None of them said that HR's cutscenes were or were not CGI.  I showed you a link (and if you want, I could easily find more) saying that HR's cutscenes WERE CGI--as well as a few before release saying that everything was in game like Killzone 2 but that was when we didn't know what the PS3 would actually be capable of.  You reached the conclusion you wanted to reach based on speculation.  You say "They wouldn't praise lip sync and voice acting if it was CGI".  I say, why wouldn't they?  It was the best CGI acting at the time.  Still pre rendered CGI, though.  Like I said, it's OBVIOUS when the CGI kicks in and when the real game and even the pre-rendered stuff is running.  It's a fact that Heavenly Sword uses CGI (see how easy it is!) ;)

You have proven nothing but an ability to jump to conclusions.

"Graphically, there is little to fault with Heavenly Sword that is probably the most visually impressive game on the market at the moment and match that with amazingly pre-rendered CGI cutscenes and you have one impressively looking title

"From a technical standpoint, we’ve already talked about how gorgeous the game is. Heavenly Sword is one of the few games I’ve played where the characters are so expressive that you could honestly believe that you’re watching a movie, even if it’s clearly CGI-driven."

"A lot of the game is made up of CGI rendered cut scenes. These look stunning with all the performances of the actors coming through clearly. While the faces are perfect, one great thing that normally has issues is that of the lip-sync. Thankfully it’s perfect in this case."

"Now although this looks great in the CGI cut scenes and during the titles the actual gameplay suffers a lot."

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