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CGI-Quality said:
d21lewis said:

Dude, you say this every time.  Even when a game like Uncharted uses pre-recorded footage to pull of something that couldn't be done in game.  They use a cut scenes with bumped up capabilities although it's pretty comparable to the in game engine.  Anyway, we're on the internet.  I'll let it do the fighting for me:  "The way the plot's told is nothing short of breathtaking. Using a mix of in-game cutscenes and CGI movies, Heavenly Sword is full of emotion and character. All the game’s motion capture scenes were directed by Hollywood favourite Andy Serkis.

Every site says that Heavenly Sword used CGI at the time and, playing the game, it's obvious when the CGI comes into effect and when the game engine takes over.  If it's pre-rendered, then it's just a video playing on the console and that video is likely using effects that the game can't pull off any other way.  Metal Gear?  99% in game.  Alan Wake?  Often CGI.  Nothing to argue. 

Also, the quote from earlier that you said you were happy I could find does disprove something you said.  You said that Enslaved's facial animations were not one of its strong points.  The reviews of the day say that it was.  Anyway, I'm sleepy.  It's 2am and I've been up since 4am (with a two hour nap somewher around 7pm).  Later, bro.

Yeah dude, I sure do say it a lot, because I find, too often, people confuse a completely separate technique, CGI rendering, with in-engine cutscenes (never denied the extra added effects - would know them first hand since I work in that field).

There's a difference between Final Fnatsy XIII's cutscenes in 1080p and Heavenly Sword's cinematics. One was CGI and the other was in-engine (though FFXIII used some of those as well). Everything in HS was rendered on the engine - the same technique used by many devs, with extra added effects not running in-game (never claimed it was in-game, either). If you own HS, go look through the extra content on the disc. It's explained in great detail there. Just a hint - Heavenly Sword's cutscenes weren't praised because they were pre-rendered CGI.

Btw, you found just one source that praised Ensalved's facial animation. I could find one that disagrees. I'm saying there wasn't a general consensus that put Enslaved at the top of its class.

I could find more.  IGN was just the first one that popped up.  I'll watch the bonus features right now.  Is there one in particular I should watch?

Anyway, let's agree to disagree?