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CGI-Quality said:
d21lewis said:
AndrewWK said:

The facial modeling of Uncharted where allright but nothing like Enslaved. I have never played Heavy Rain so I don´t know anything about that. The facial modeling of Enslaved was splendid that is one of the things that makes this game standout.

CGI loves Heavy Rain.  I do too.  It's a great game.  While I appreciate what Heavy Rain did, there were many times where the facial animations crossed into uncanny valley territory and characters just looked unnatural and kinda freaky looking. 

Instead of saying which games look better than Enslaved (which I admit I have a bit of a bias towards since I decided before it even came out that I would love it), I will go the other route and say that Enslaved isn't the best in the business but it definitely sits among the best.  It was made by the same guys that made Heavenly Sword and I think their work was just as good in this game as it was in that--especially since Heavenly Sword used pre-rendered CGI for its praised animation and Enslaved used the game engine.

Heavenly Sword also used the engine, just thought I'd point that out. In fact, it's quite obvious when you're playing the game that's running on the engine and not CGI. The polys are blatant, as is aliasing.

And frankly, it's not about liking Heavy Rain (nor Heavenly Sword ) more than this (ironic, given I prefer Enslaved to HS). It just is what it is, and what it is - Enslaved facial animation was good enough for what it was going for, but doesn't quite match the top titles in the field.

Havenly Sword and Enslaved did not use the same engine. Enslaved is based on UNreal 3