Blue3 said:
ckmlb said:
How did this turn into another PS3 bashing thread? If you don't own a PS3 why are you posting here to talk shit about it when the thread is asking for those who own the console to respond...

jealousy for one.

Just out of curiosity, Blue, are you jealous of my computer? Your PS3 is patently inferior to it when comparing specs. Are you jealous? Hm? Your system is already outdated, neener neener!

Personally, I wouldn't be jealous, because there are very few games for my PC (and of those, basically none actually tax my system). But that's precisely the reason why many Wii/360 owners aren't jealous: there aren't a lot of games on the PS3 that they want to play, so the additional power is not inherently valuable to them.

Put differently: okay, you want to make fun of Wii/360 owners because their system has lower specs? Fine. Just be prepared for high end PC owners to mock your system in turn. The PS3 isn't the king of the hill -- there are already systems out there with better specs than it, and the number will continue to grow as the platform ages. There are also already games in development that your little system can't handle. I wouldn't put much faith in the "my system is better than yours" argument, because that argument can be thrown right back in your face.">">