TheBigFatJ said:
betsfro said:
well the point now is that ps3 is a great console, but pricy as hell, but the things about this ps3 forum, is why so many people talks trash about it and it dosent havent even used or played yet, talks trash and i dosent even have a clue of what the ps3 is capable of

From a gaming perspective, will you tell us what it is capable of that the 360 isn't?  You keep mentioning that it's this great machine, but I don't see any compelling arguments to make me agree with you.

All I see are games available on the 360 and the PS3, and the 360 versions are almost always better.  Look at FEAR -- this was a game ported to the 360 from the PC.  Then it was ported to the PS3 from the PC.  The 360 version looks and plays much better, has a better frame rate, cleaner graphics, more vivid colors, etc.  And you can't argue that it's a port from the 360 version, because both console versions were ported from the PC.

Look at Call of Duty 3.  Look at Spiderman 3.  These games have significantly better framerates for the Xbox 360 version.  They both have better graphics as well (although CoD 3 is close).  The sad reality is that games require a lot of general purpose CPU power and the Xbox 360 has 3x as much general purpose CPU power than the PS3.

Of course some games ported look better on X360 ,but so marginally better ......but others as Oblivion ,Fight Night 3 ,NBA 2K 7 look better on the PS3 .Spiderman 3 may have worse frame rate but better graphics in polygon count and detail .The sad part ,for you ,is that videogames doesnt need general purpose power for them .General purpose is double efficiency calculations that are needed for some offimatic applications ,text processors ,excel pages ,etc .But not videogames .When someone says the X360 CPU is better for "general purpose " they seem to be forgetting we arent talking about a computer here but a videogames machine ,and graphics sound and about everything represented in screen needs mostly single point operations ,so FLOPS (floating point operations per second )is the way to measure them .And the PS3 ,like it or not ,just has some more FLOPS of power that the X360 .Like three times ,to be exact .

Besides ,your 3X more general purpose power of the X360 would assume the 7 SPU of the PS3 have ZERO power applied to general purpose.Thats not the case ,if you have to calculate two times each operation without some help provided by the architechture  it evidently reduces the efficiency of the proccesor in half ,but each SPU has as much power as one Core of the X360 (about 25 Gigaflops ) .That lends me to think you simply doesnt know what are you talking  about .