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A_C_E said:
You didn't mention console seller once, you just said that there isn't anyone who has bought the 360 for Forza and that's what I'm responding to. Your phrasing needs work if you can't get across what you actually mean.

Stop asking for data that doesn't exist. Just look at this with common sense. The Forza franchise has sold over ten million this generation. Wether or not that was because of bundles or not doesn't matter, it was still introduced into the hands of the people who bought the system and are therefore going to tryout the game. Out of the millions and millions of people who have been introduced to this game through whatever means there are now going to be a big dedicated fanbase.

If you need facts/data to understand this then oh well.

I said "No one buys an xbox for Forza" - the implication here is of system seller. If that was unclear to you, I apologize. Do you agree that it isn't a system seller then?