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Nem said:
I'm gonna tell you right off why i dont care about Forza but i do about GT (in very far between doses for me. GT1>GT3>GT6?).

I can drive in 3rd person in GT and when i tried the demos of Forza i could not. I dont like driving inside the car (i do that IRL already thank you). I like seeing the beauty of the cars. GT is about Sexy cars. Thus i find it more appealing than Forza (even if since they have added a 3rd person camera. Dont really know).

Yeah, I love GT (reason why I bought a PS3, plus MGS4) for the simple reason of collecting all the cars, the licenses and the fact that it's what I grew up with on Playstation. GT just has that collossal feeling to it and has more content in it that the next leading game.