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ethomaz said:
@ACE you realize is not like 10 millions guys putting your hands in Forza... it's more like 5 million and the numbers shows all the guys who brought Forza 3 did't buy Forza 4.

Forza frachise alredy have it peak... now it's now slow downning because just 2 million fans cares abot it.

I agree somewhat. It's just that this other guy doesn't understand that 2 million people who care about a franchise leads to systems selling because of the quality of that franchise.
If GT can be so successful, then a game that is in the exact same genre can be just as successful. The difference is that X360 is more of a shooter console but that doesn't change the fact of what Forza is. Forza is considered to be a great standup to GT. With quality and introduction to newcomers comes bigger fanbase and Forza's dedicated fanbase will only grow as long as the quality remains the same or possibly even gets better. Forza 4 as you say isn't selling to the people who already bought Forza 3 (even thought it most likely is) is a good sign because the Forza 3 players will eventually switch to Forza 4 due to the knowledge that it is infact worth it since the quality keeps getting better with each title.

One way to see dedication is for someone (me) who loves Forza and is good at it. Do laps on every single track with many different cars (I have) and see where you rank. I don't even rank near the not even within 400,000 people sometimes. That's the Forza community.

I could go on and on but I won't. I just wonder about some peoples ignorance sometimes. Forza is a community racer and with that comes higher dedication within that community.