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I skimmed through the article....but I get the feeling this is a sales vs quality/reviews thing..
I just think that GT5 got so low reviews because of the delays.

Lower reviews don't necessarily indicate lower quality. In fact I'm a fan of what GT5 has done. Long-term support through DLC and patches. I'm sure it is a much better game now than it was at release(not saying it was incomplete though) GT5 is a HUGE game so I don't see any reason to have yearly releases. I don't even think its working for Forza. Look at the sales, they go down with each release since Forza 3. Considering the increasing costs of next-gen games I think the Forza devs will have to follow the GT model. I just can't see them releasing a new Forza each year on Xbox 720.

Ignore my comment if you want. I haven't even played Forza and I barely touched GT5 as it is a bit intimidating.