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dsgrue3 said:
fillet said:
dsgrue3 said:
Nsanity said:
dsgrue3 said:
Not sure how you can say they are competitors when they aren't on the same systems.
No one buys the xbox for Forza.
Many many people bought PS for Gran Turismo.

With that said, well-written article. I very much agree that Forza has solidified its position as a quality racing game with a solid fanbase.

You have proof of this this?

Do you have proof that anyone does? You don't prove that something doesn't happen, just like you don't prove that God doesn't exist. That's illogical. Show me some data that backs this and I will redact my statement.

No it's the other way round in this situation, because buying a console specifically for a game is something that has happened before.

Forza is a game and people have bought console for games before so it's likely someone has bought an Xbox 360 just to play Forza.

If data was provided I'd expect nothing short of a grovelling apology....pshhhh redact your statement indeed!

(so there!)

No, actually it isn't. I'm asking for data. You've provided nothing but your own suppositions. Laughably ignorant. Dunning-Kruger at work again. Tired of citing that damn effect.

Actually a friend of mine bought an Xbox 360 for Forza 3. True story.

Imagine not having GamePass on your console...