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lol @sales2099

Fail thread lol lol lol

My comments about that "huge" Forza fanbase.

[fanboy mode = off]

Now seriously.

The Forza userbase is never that big before... most of Forza 3 sales is because the holiday bundles deals made by Microsoft (Forza 4 is in the same path).

I'm not saying the GT sales not came from bundles too... GT3 for example was heavly bundled in US... the 7 million sales in US for it is unrealistic... at least 4 million come from bundles... the real userbase of the GT franchise in US is ~2-3 million... in Europe the user base is bigger 5million+ and not GT have heavy bundle in Europe (just limited).

If you compare the franchises... the userbase in US is close (500-700k in favor to GT?) but the big problem is Europe... the Forza userbase in Europe is near 1 million... Microsoft needs to grow up the Forza series there but seem like Europeans loves Gran Turismo (even UK where GT5 sold over 1 million units).

About the quality... I'm not a racer fan... not a Need for Speed or any other racing game fan... I'm just a simulator fan, I need a very good wheel to play my simulators games... and the Forza franchise lacks a lot of thing I like in simulator and add a lot of thinks I don't care because they are more for racing games fans (I don't like to waste my time tunning the color or apparecence of my car... that's useless).

In a simulator view point the most advanced Forza game for me is Forza 3... Forza 4 lost a little of pure blood simulator present in Forza 3... I can see why in a market strategy made to gain more users but seem like that's don't happened.

Forza 3 is the best in the franchise for me... I played Horizon some days ago and I hated... they just destoyed the franchise (call anything except Forza) it is even worst than the new Need For Speed... I do not consider Horizon part of the franchise.

So in overall quality the GT5 cames ahead Forza 3... there little things in driving physics, tacks, cars, and engine tunning that make the GT5 better than Forza 3... for a simulator fan like me that's amazing... Forza 3 have some things that tops GT5 too, the most notiable is the amazing AI (I think the Forza 3's AI is the best I ever seen in a simulator game... the GT5's AI came close but is below it... Forza have no AI err there is AI but it's so dummy)... there is cons in GT5 too but the pros is so bealtiful that makes the cons acceptable (even so PD try to fix they regularly).

That's it... I can not stop playing GT5... every week there is a new thing to do... a new Seasonal Event or a new car to play... I loved to play the new Corvette Prototype for example....

Now the GTPlanet guys found more options (engine tunning, NITRO, lvl5 turbo, break tunning, new tires) , cars, etc in the GT5... I think PD is in the development of the Spec III and I'm full ready for the Spec III update in 2013.

[fanboy mode = on]

WOW I can be me again... GT5 is the Racing Simulator of Decade... DEFINITIVE... better than any Forza 3, Forza 4, Horizon, GT4 or previous GTs.