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18. Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)

I (along with many others) waited a long time for this game. Donkey Kong wasn't treated well during the N64 and GC years, with a poorly done 3D game and then that crazy bongo nonsense. Then came E3 2010, and just before the show there were rumours that a DKC revival was in the works, and thankfully that was one rumour that turned out to be true. Fast forward a few short months and DKCR was released, and it was just as good as ever, with some complex and challenging levels that were a great source of frustration, and then eventual joy once they were completed. Many games try that kind of thing, but they usually have to rely on being unfair in the process, which is the wrong thing to do. DKCR is not one of those games. It can be tough, but it's always fair.

Number 17 features some of the most famous fictional battles the galaxy has ever known.