outlawauron said:
I know I'm late to this thread.

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Andrew Jackson comes to mind when I think of terrible presidents. Trail of Tears?

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You do realize that the reason that Katrina was so horribly handled was the incompetence of my former governor Kathleen Blanco. She halted all help for days. She was the problem at that issue.

Yeah, i'd put Andrew Jackson there too... however historically Andrew Jackson is actually considered one of the best presidents despite the trail of tears and his parnoia over the government banking system.

Reason being... Jacksonian Democracy. Most if not all historians give him a huge pass on the depression, and the ignoring the supreme court and the slaugtering indians because of Jacksonian Democracy which allowed every free white man a vote. Instead of just the free white men who had land.

While the Trail of Tears was Jacksons fault. I believe it was Van Buren that actually carried it out.

Jackson's usually in the low teens when it comes to presidential ratings.  Sometimes higher.