"Highest price"

If you want WLAN, HDMI, a HD player a hard-disc, a rechargeable controller for your 360 the PS3 is cheaper. Yes you cannot get a cheaper bare-bone system. That's true.

"constantly changing SKUs/prices"

Xbox Arcade, Xbox Elite, Xbox without HD, xbox with hd, some with falcon chip, some without. Your fanboy love must make you blind, at least ALL PS3 SKUs are equally well suited to play PS3 games. Thats a bit different for the 360.

"arrogance to believe that people would buy their system at any price with any features just cuz PS2 dominated"

I thought you had no emotions in it. It's true, you do not have to buy one if it is too expensive for you or if the added features are not worth it for you. But the features are still great and the price is going down.

", relentless PR spin on worthless "facts", etc etc etc."

Completely unlike MS. "No we have no hardware failure problems..."