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Smeags said:
pokoko said:
Nice job with the list. It's ... interesting. I thought Nintendo was only the second biggest faction here? Not all that pleased where some of my favorites ended up, to be honest.

Elaborate! Where did your favorites end up? :3

I am teh curious.

ICO at 102 and Final Fantasy Tactics at 87 hurt my feelings.  Final Fantasy VI and Suikoden 2 also made me wince.  I would love to have seen Fallout 3 higher, though I was content with the placement of Valkyria Chronicles.  The lack of Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec left me speechless.  No Soulcalibur, either, though I guess that's understandable considering that it was a Dreamcast game.

I was under the impression that the registration for the 2012 even was over?