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Stillwell said:
BenKenobi88 said:
I'm just gonna ignore this thread...anytime America is mentioned, it just turns into an American bash-fest all day. Because yes, we're all the same and think alike, and our country defines it's all good.

Do you think there might be a reason for that? If you think you are different from the Americans everyone dislikes, aren't you angry?

You've got no right to judge people you've never met...don't tell me who I am. Have you even been to America? It's always fine and dandy to bash American people without considering that 300 million people are not hive minded, and are decent people. I don't go bashing Polish people for being stupid.

I don't like the stupid people in this country, but you've apparently never been around a decent community, of which there are probably more than you realize. We don't all get drunk, watch Nascar, and beat our wives.

Sure I'm angry about the stupid choices our government has made...that was before I could vote, and literally could not do anything about it.  I'm more angry at people who make assumptions about a mass of's called discrimination and it's bullshit. 

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