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well.. since i only got pretty involved and informed in the gaming world in 2010, i would say my most hyped games from that time were:

1.Uncharted 3
2.Twisted Metal
3.Resistance 3
4.Trine 2
5.Gran turismo 5
6.Killzone 3

as for the upcoming games i would choose:

1.God of war: Ascension
2.BEYOND: two souls
3.The last of us
4.Watch dogs

also as a bonus those are a list of games that i most definitely enjoyed playing this gen:
1.Uncharted 2
2.God of war 3
3.Heavy rain
5.Uncharted 1
6.Heavenly sword
7.Resident evil 5
9.Assassin's creed 2
10.Resistance 2

and that's a wrap gentleman ;)