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26. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii)

We're at number 26, yet this is the first of four Zelda games to appear on my list, which should show you highly I regard the series. Skyward Sword was the Wii's final moment of glory, and it saw some of the potential of motion controls finally realised with excellent sword controls being a highlight of the experience. There were plenty of changes from previous Zelda games, with each area having more to do before you even got to the dungeon. My personal favourite was Lanayru Desert, and exploring that with the help of the timeshift stones was just a joy to play through. It wasn't without its flaws despite those improvements, as the sky just seemed empty, and the game was a little streamlined, but overall, it's a more than worthy entry into the series.

25 is the first game in a series that has already made one appearance on my list.