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27. BioShock (PS3)

BioShock is one of the games that I bought an HD console for, and it did not disappoint. In an era where online multiplayer is king in the FPS genre, here was an engrossing and lengthy single player FPS game for those of us that still prefer that kind of thing. As with quite a lot of games this generation, this game featured moral choices throughout. Do you save the Little Sisters, or do you harvest them? Your choices naturally affect the ending that you see, and I have so far only played through the game by saving them. Of course, the star of the show is arguably the underwater city of Rapture, and progressing through it, learning more as you go is incredibly compelling, yet also a little disturbing at the same time. The game is let down in the final parts after the plot twist is revealed, especially with an incredibly weak final boss fight, but that doesn't tarnish the overall brilliance of the experience.

Number 26 saw some of the Wii's early potential finally fulfilled just before the final curtain.