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I'm so excited to play Persona 4.  I first played this during ComicCon, but it's really exciting to finally have it within my grasp soon enough.... I just have to wait for Amazon to ship it.

  1. What do you like most about the game?
  2. Do you feel the extras included are worth the price tag?
  3. What are the most challenging features of the game for you?
  4. How are the online features in the game?  I'm kind of confused with the multiplayer aspect of this game.
  5. Can you keep your leveled up characters & items when beginning the game for a 2nd time?
  6. Lasssttlly, how many logged in hours do you have while playing this?



Everyone needs to play Lost Odyssey! Any opposition to this and I will have to just say, "If it's a fight you want, you got it!"