happydolphin said:
F0X said:

The article lost me at "a game that was hamstrung by the creator’s desire to spite a portion of his fans." From there, I couldn't remotely relate to this guy.

There is some kind of resentment of Sakurai, and it isn't completely misplaced, though I agree that to call it spite is a big shift in blame. Lack of openness maybe, but spite is a strong way to say it, even most probably wrong.

But there is a basis in reality there, metaknight is overpowered, and it's know that that's Sakurai's pet character.

Some basis. In reality, SSB is not meant to be about practiced combos or anything but bringing out the ab-lib nature of fighting (Sakurai has said as much). So articles like this tells me that he's doing a good job of flaunting fighting game convention. Those who want something else can go play a less interesting fighting game like PSABR.

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