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39. Xenoblade Chronicles, Wii (2012) Nintendo/Monolith Soft (new)

The second of the Project Rainfall games on my list (they really were worth bringing to America, Reggie!), this one was just absolutely packed with stuff to do: a hundred-hour story, with much more if you choose to do the many sidequests. The battle system was fairly simple in an MMO-style, but could also be very deep as you built on three-character combinations of the players. The story had a fair bit of the JRPG tendency to go a little too far over-the-top, but the characters themselves were great, really solid and memorable. The only reason this game didn't make it higher is because, arguably, it is so long as to almost discourage replayability, but in today's age of super-short single player modes, that is not the worst complaint you could lob at a game.

38 hint: This game, made by "5" covered numbers 4, 5, and 6 of this iconic franchise in another medium, as well as some of the events that took place in between.

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