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Things I did just a few minutes ago while not owning a WiiU. (it comes out here NOV. 30th)

Preordering NSMBU for 40 euros.
Preordering the pro controller for 35 euros.
(even tho I will not have a game to use it since NSMBU and NintendoLand dont support it :/)


Buying Final Fantasy 13-2 for 360 10 euros.
Buying Crush3d for 3ds 11 euros.
Buying Rune Factory Oceans for PS3 13 euros.

Waiting for the DHL guy to deliver my previously ordered stuff which is:
Yakuza 3 - PlayStation 3
Killzone 3 - PlayStation 3
Inkheart - Blu-ray Disc
28 Weeks Later - Blu-ray Disc
FANBOYS - Blu-ray Disc
The International - Blu-ray Disc
Hancock [Extended Version] - Blu-ray Disc
Illuminati [Extended Version] - Blu-ray Disc
Outlander - Blu-ray Disc
Planet Terror - Blu-ray Disc
Horton hears a who Hu - Blu-ray Disc
11:14 - Blu-ray Disc
Kung Fu Panda - Blu-ray Disc
Night At The Museum [UK Import] - Blu-ray Disc
Alpha Dog - Blu-ray Disc
Operation: Kingdom - Blu-ray Disc
Pitch Black - Blu-ray Disc
Ip Man Zero [Special Edition] - Blu-ray Disc
Heat [UK Import] - Blu-ray Disc
Underworld: Rise of the lycans - Blu-ray Disc
Grand Theft Auto - The Trilogy - PC
Sim City 4 Deluxe Most Wanted - PC
Alpha Protocol - PC
Settlers II - The next generation - PC
Settlers II - AddOn Wikings - PC
The Settlers: Rise of the Cultures - PC
Mall Tycoon 3 - PC
Holiday Tycoon - PC
Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 - PC
Hospital Tycoon - PC
Port Royale 2 - PC
Overlord - PC
Halo 3 - XBox 360
Little Big Planet 2 [Platinum] - PlayStation 3
Source Code - Blu-ray Disc
Slumdog Millionaire - Blu-ray Disc
Knight and Day - Extended Version - Blu-ray Disc

And yesterday I watched a 7 hour stream of GIANTBOMB playing WiiU games.

Other than that I waste time online and wonder why I keep buying games even tho I didnt even finish  Mario 64 on the N64 back in 1996 and also have 150+ games that I didnt finish yet.......