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44. Sonic Adventure, DC (GC version played 2004, original 1999) Sega/Sonic Team (last year, 42)
As a spoiler, this is the prequel to the game that is #2 on my list, and so retains many of the properties that made me love that game so much. The same type of gameplay, which unlike so many 3D sonics, emphasized platforming, and they introduced the glorious Knuckles treasure-hunting stages. The problems, of course, are that even the GC version, which was somewhat remastered, had some buggy gameplay, and while i don't hate Big the Cat for who he is, those fishing stages can burn.

My number 43 is a 5th-gen game that came out after the PS2 released, and shared the same initials.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.