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Kenology said:
In the OP, you listed PS1 games as part of the Vita library. I think that's one of the problems. When PS+ is a "selling point" (according to many Vita owners), you've got problems. I bought my 3DS to play 3DS games, not so much NES, SNES, GB, and GBC games - though those are nice bonuses.

What do ps1 games have to do with ps+?

Unless you know something i dont, ps+ is offering Uncharted, Gravity Rush and Whipeout plus some psn games, non of these is a ps1 game. And you get all this plus more to come for 50$, if this isn't a selling point i dont know what is.

I don't know.

I read a lot about PS1 classics so I figured it was a part of PS+.  Everyone seems to be using PS1 and PSP games as selling points, and I would rather have Vita games to play primarily. 

I was gonna say, I didn't want to have a go at your original post but I don't see the link between you saying:

"PS1 games as part of the library is a problem" and "PS+ is a problematic selling point".  

They're two separate things.  One is PS1 games; one is a subscription to access Vita games for 'free'.

And in that respect I agree with you, PS1 + PSP games shouldnt be a selling point for many people (ironically the PSP library is a selling point for me because I never owned that system, so the Vita games I want + PSP games with dual analogue is enough).

But PS+ is different.  It's certainly a model that Sony are pushing hard lately and time will tell whether it creates enough incentives for current/future subscribers to invest in a Vita.