Well there's a couple of reasons why I choose not to buy a Vita... but the simplest of reasons is that there just that the kinds of games that I like to play aren't on it. I know some people laugh at Nintendo for "kiddy" games, but to me, light hearted, fun, and colorful games are a plus. Games that are not so serious and don't have such a 'realistic' vibe to them, require a little more of a imagination or suspension of believe, is a good thing. I don't necessarily prefer all the guns, glory, and boobs, but then again I'm a female. That doesn't mean I don't play those games. It's just that so many of those games are already out there and I would not be one of the first to line up and buy them. There are always exceptions though.

The other reason, albiet this can be easily overridden by a very good software lineup for me, is simply the fact I was so burnt by my purchase of the PSP. I just expected more of the money I spent on it. I did enjoy some games on it, but I just expected sooo much more. I could spend a few pages explaining why I feel this way but rather than do that, I'll just try to sum it up.

In general, the PSP seemed to be me to be a very good emulator, but not very good for PSP games in the way of that I would pick up a game, play with it and be completely wrapped up in the PSP... even I thought PS1 looked better than most games that were made for it and I found myself playing mostly PS1 classics on it and ports. To me, the design of PSP games just seem to be all that great and since I played a lot of ports and PS1 classics on it, it was instantly obvious. I don't know that it was necessarily the hardware's fault though, I think it's because a lot of games weren't built up to their potential by developers. I didn't pay all that much attention to the drama around the PSP when it was first out as I was a late adopter. So maybe there was issues with getting games that really pushed it's potential, but I have no idea. For the most part, I just felt like a lot of the games were dumbed down, the graphics weren't optimized... so on.

I felt that way at first about the DS too because I had purchased that after the PSP, but after a while I got over it because the games felt like they just had so much more depth, so much more gameplay and entertainment value to offer. I don't know how describe the comparison there. It was just much more fun to play my DS than the PSP... To me, the PSP was being sold as a glorified emulator... it was trying to be a console that 'took it on the go' but maybe that withheld it's potential to stand on it's own and shine. I get that is what Sony is trying to do, but for me, it just didn't do anything for me like the DS. In fact, I own two PSPs... I bought a PSP fat for my husband when he was sitting at sites overnight.

For games, I especially love the Harvest moon, Rune factory series. I'm from the 90s RPG golden age, so of course anything that plays like anything from that period will get a nod from me. I like racing games, sims. I will play some action games, like Tomb Raider. I used to play Resident evil, but in all honesty I haven't played any of the newer ones. I like platformers too. Though for the most part, I'll play any genre. I like "God" games, so I will play Black & White, SimCity, Sims, etc. Minecraft and Terraria too.

I have trouble thinking of all the games I play and what types. I just play whatever looks like it is fun to play. If I don't like it, I don't play it. Oh, Hotshots Golf is fun too.