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shinsa said:
noname2200 said:
think-man said:
the_dengle said:
And Sony is trying to sell us Smash Bros Brawl at $60, when you could just get it for Wii for half that price.


Id rather play as sony characters than with the Nintendo Characters that my 5 year old brother seems to enjoy.

You think Nintendo/Smash fanboys would be excited to play a game with the same genre...

nope....they're all sheeps. Thats why they wont complain about paying $60 for a game when its 2 years old

jokes on the haters because i'll be enjoying both games. If you played it like i have you'll immediately notice it is not like smash and very very much indepth maybe more so ( is). You play the game like smash, you'll die. 

People just love to judge/hate on a game that they haven't even played just cause they feel threated by its existence.

Why can't sony fans enjoy there own fighting game featuring some of there favourite characters without Nintendo fanboys having a moan? If I wanted to play Smash I would have years ago but none of the characters interest me in the slightest, I want characters that I actually think are kool im 23 now not 8.