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"games that are for kids" = entire argument is invalid.

No, really.  Games like Zelda and Metroid and Super Mario are not made for kids.  They are made for anyone who enjoys games.  If you write off any game (other than those obviously "early development"-type games) as "for kids" you are only limiting yourself as to what you can enjoy.  While I love SotC-type games and those with "mature" stories (lol-the term "mature" makes me laugh when applied to video games)... I still very much enjoy Nintendo's games like Pikmin and Mario and Pokemon.

As for whether or not Nintendo should copy Sony, why should they?  Sony is not the paragon of good business strategy.  Many people enjoy their games, but those games aren't keeping the company, nor the gaming department, in the black.  Nintendo doesn't particularly excel at that sort of story-telling, so they leave it up to second and third partied to make those sorts of games, and they are right to do so.  Nintendo does what it does best, and nobody does it better.