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bananaking21 said:
how dare you say somebody makes better games than nintendo!!! just wait and see how people on this forum will tear you up for saying it! (even though its true)

What an awful and unfortunate first post.


happydolphin said:
AdventWolf said:
Well some people would say the same about Sony copying Nintendo, it depends on preference.

So, this is a cop-out. The reason is that Sony has already been trying to follow Nintendo's success with games like Little Big Planet (as different as it is from Nintendo games it sure is aiming a similar market), and then with games like LBP racing, the move, the eye pet and many more casual family-friendly experiences.

The opposite as described in OP is not true.

I'm looking for more depth than that AW.

For good (or bad) Nintendo is focusing in whatever they are good to do, rather than do everything, like Sony. For the genres or types of games they cannot do they want third parties in the console. For example, I don't think Nintendo will be able to do a kind of Monster Hunter or Dragon Quest as good as the originals. So instead of trying, they'll attract the third party and focus resources on the games they are good making.

As mentioned before, this could be a good or a bad decision. In the case of this thread, is bad.

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