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I'd love to see what some of the developers at Nintendo could do with total creative freedom. Mario and Zelda are great, but I feel like the potential of the studios that create all these Mario and Zelda (+ more franchises, not going to name all of them) games isn't being met. It's an untapped resource, creatively speaking. Financially they clearly work wonders for Nintendo, which is kind of frustrating to be honest. I mean, it's great for Nintendo as a company, and people love those games... but do those same people not want to see what the fuck else these obviously talented studios can do?

Imagine Naughty Dog was never allowed to deviate from Crash Bandicoot. We'd probably still get good Crash games, and they could probably create some Crash games that stood apart from each other mechanically and even thematically whilst still being set in that universe... but we wouldn't have Jak or Uncharted or The Last of Us.