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oni-link said:
FrancisNobleman said:
the meltdown is glorious

It is isn't it...I'm so happy I could hardly contain the smile I have at the moment.  It's actually sadder than those who are defending the Vita's pathetic 2mil numbers sold after 8 months of release.


These are the same ppl mad at Sega, saying how they betrayed the original game's fanbase not being able to understand that Nintendo saved the project.

But if the game was announced as being exclusive to Vita, they would all say how great and amazing people they are at Sega for trying to help the vita sell. ''This is exactly what the Vita needs, great 3rd party exclusive! Ty good guy Sega, if more publishers would be like you, the Vita would'nt be struggling'' would the sony fanboy say. 


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