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I thought the game was the second best in the franchise. I really enjoyed the first one, everything from campaign to the multiplayer.

Imo, the third one didn't deliver multiplayer wise. It just didn't draw me in like the first, or even like the second one did. But the campaign was stellar. Graphics were okay, the resolution is very noticeable which bothered me most in particular levels like when you fight Satan. Weapons were great and what a fan would expect from Insomniac Games. Art style was good, boss fights were well done. I especially like the level with the Widowmaker. Decent length unlike some recent shooters. Coop works great, but it's only for the main campaign this time around. Finally, I platinumd it.

My biggest gripe with this franchise is that they got rid of the 'shoot-from-the-hip' gameplay style which made the first one a lot better. (It even had a Half-Life vibe to it). 


Gaming on: PS4 Pro, Switch, SNES Mini, Wii U, PC (i5-7400, GTX 1060)