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VicViper said:

Does anyone knows if baby yoshi still eats everything on in front of him? I don't think I've seen it doing that yet, and that pic with lots of pirana plants cold really use one hungry yellow baby yoshi.

I don't think he'll grow up anymore, but using him as a vacuum cleaner in the level might be fun.

BTW... green baby yoshi was useless (I don't it even existed for more than 1 second too), but where is red baby yoshi? Pink looks cool and all, but we need a fire powered Yoshi! Hmm, maybe not... Fire Yoshi destroyed every  single usefull shell... blue yoshi broked the game... yellow yoshi was kinda useless too...

Maybe it's a good idea if they stay small.

To me, the pic with the baby yoshi in front of all those lined up piranha plants definitely does indicate that they eat whatever they bump into.  And yes, I think they will automatically grow up after 5 or so gulps of enemies.

I'm hoping that nintendo learned from the SMW cape, in that it broke the game too much by bypassing all level design.  With this in mind perhaps they won't do another blue yoshi type thing.  We've seen pink yoshis in other videos inflating like balloons to help with floating.  We should keep in mind that most of what we have seen up to this point (perhaps excluding these game informer pics) will end up as past beta images.  Who knows what color yoshis will end up being available.

I hope they bring back the koopa with the flashing multi color shell though!