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cyberninja45 said:
Chark said:
cyberninja45 said:
I remember the first thread I ever made in vgchartz (right after wiiu was announced) was about nintendo throwing away their motion controls which is what made the wii popular. Sadly nobody read my thread :(

I see people are now starting to realize the trouble (appeal wise) nintendo might be in with the wiiu.

Throwing away their motion controls? Far from it. Wii Motes are still an important controller for the console and the Wii U gamepad has a Wii Mote essentially built into it. It has gyros and infared, what makes a Wii Mote a Wii Mote. Sure it is bigger and has a screen but its just as light and does tons more.

I see you haven't read my thread.

I agree with that you're saying in your thread, have all along.  To me the gamepad is A) going backwards and B) a knee-jerk reaction to the threat of Apple/Android devices.   Instead of immulating touch screens Nintendo should have continued to differentiate and offer experiences not possible on Apple/Android (and Android gaming devices with analog sticks and buttons (and 1000+  games that support) will be out very shortly).  Enhanced, refined and deeper motion controls IMO would have been the logical way to go, and a touch interface on that certainly could have been incorporated (partly to rid the controller of extra buttons) but didn't need to be the showpiece.      Apple has sold ridiculous millions of ipod/pad/phone devices which have one, count them - one - button.  Simplicity is key.  That's what sold Wii/DS/Kinect and smartphones/tablets.    The entire concept of WiiU lacks this simplicity and grace.