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Fusioncode said:
Soleron said:
lilbroex said:
All around, I hear that Diablo 3 is a huge disappointment. It sold well but it did so by namesake alone. If that game had been any other name and released by any other company, it would have failed.

Games do not sell 8 million copies on name alone.

The game is good on the first run through and that's all you can expect from a one time purchase. The complaining is from people that have put 50 hours into the game but expected not to be bored after playing the same content 3 times. Anyone play the CoD campaign 3 times and expect it to be fresh?

Diablo 2 had some of the best replay value in any game. You could beat it over a dozen and still continue playing. This is where Diablo 3 fails. 

I disagree to an extent.  Sure you could keep playing it but once you got to about high 70 low 80s the only thing that gave you any exp would be Baal runs.  So if you want to do about 100000+ Baal runs to get to high 90s then so be it.  I got one character up to about 94 (assassin) and I just couldn't take it anymore.  Not even sure how many Baal runs I did but it was a shitload.