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Fusioncode said:
Soleron said:
lilbroex said:
All around, I hear that Diablo 3 is a huge disappointment. It sold well but it did so by namesake alone. If that game had been any other name and released by any other company, it would have failed.

Games do not sell 8 million copies on name alone.

The game is good on the first run through and that's all you can expect from a one time purchase. The complaining is from people that have put 50 hours into the game but expected not to be bored after playing the same content 3 times. Anyone play the CoD campaign 3 times and expect it to be fresh?

Diablo 2 had some of the best replay value in any game. You could beat it over a dozen and still continue playing. This is where Diablo 3 fails. 

I agree. I'm just saying it's still great value for a game; not a disappointment for its price or for the time invested for the first 3 playthroughs. No one should feel entitled to carry on playing forever with only a single investment, it's not an MMO.

It's only the tiny hardcore player base that are complaining. Blizz's stats show that most people bought SC2 for the (short) campaign and never touched the 1v1 ladder, and presumably they were happy enough with their purchase for SC2 to sell >4m copies. Same goes for Diablo, Blizz were targeting the single playthough because most players do that.