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naruball said:

Psvita is doing quite bad and people won't stop hating on it. I haven't played Diablo 3 (or any Diablo games), but the fact that the game sold so well in its first week suggests that it sold on name alone. The rest of the sales might have been positive feedback by some players or people who were curious about it etc. I'm sure there are many who actually loved it, but it seems that the majority didn't.

Same thing happened with FF XIII, though in opinion, if it was called anything else, it would have been praised endlessly by video gamers. As someone who had never played a ff game before XIII, i thought it was amazing.

Blizzard just has to release a game with Starcraft, Warcraft, or Diablo on it and it will sell millions (considering they usually take many years before they even release a game).  However, they did cancel Warcraft Adventures due to not standing up to their quality (very disappointed when they canceled Starcraft Ghost).  I was a huge Blizzard fan (after moving from Westwood before EA bought them out) but now I really don't give a shit.  I put 1,000 of hours into Starcraft, Diablo 1+2, and WoW yet I have almost zero urge in getting any of their new games.  Perhaps my taste have changed but I wasn't impressed at all with SC2 when I played it on beta.  I even made a thread awhile back Blizzard has fallen.  While most Blizzard fans wouldn't go that far there are a decent amount of Blizzard fans that feel like they are losing their touch.  The splitting of SC2 into three campaign releases didn't help with my image of Blizzard either.