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Sal.Paradise said:
Soleron said:
Kasz216 said:
lilbroex said:
All around, I hear that Diablo 3 is a huge disappointment. It sold well but it did so by namesake alone. If that game had been any other name and released by any other company, it would have failed.

That's what i've heard too....

and yet when I check my steam tab... what game are all my complaining friends playing?

Diablo 3.

The worst reaction to your game is apathy.

Passionate hatred means they care about the game deeply and want to see it better. Blizzard are very good at getting people invested in their products beyond the time that they play them (WoW and Starcraft especially)

hah, nice try EA marketer! 

Well, in that case people hate because they know EA can do better. Them, and the companies they have bought and killed off, have produced a large number of the classic PC games of all time.