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mysticwolf said:
kopstudent89 said:
mysticwolf said:
Kid Icarus, unless you like totally dig RPGs.

I don't, but KH is not a traditional RPG... is it?

The only one I've played is 358/2 days, and normally I like RPGs of all types, but I didn't like 358/2. Maybe I didn't give it enough of a chance. It's real time combat, so there's no turn based battles, if you don't like that. 

You cant judge the series on that one game, especailly considering that there were much better entries in the series.

Kid Icarus was alright, but for sheer, length, replay value and just plan crap to do. KH has that game beat, I woul go for that, but i am bias. I love the series. I just thought Kid Icarus was ok