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xLeftyx said:
Kenology said:
xLeftyx said:
Gamescom is on its way and there's definite solid news surrounding the Vita which is in time for the holidays as well as Wii U's launch. That may be what Sony's strategy to possibly spoil Wii U's launch.

Like they can really do that with Vita news...

Well, I'm certainly hopeful. E3 oddly lacked Vita news. I'm sure Gamescom will have news of releases that will coincide with Wii U's launch.
I'm merely considering the most strategic business move Sony would do in why they would withhold Vita news at E3, which would be to plan releases around Wii U's launch.

You never know though because Nintendo could have something REALLY big planned that will ruin Sony's plan for the Vita because companies do that a lot where they try to pit their console's news against the rival company's handheld news. O_o