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the_dengle said:
Pokemonbrawlvg said:
For the 2 new 3DS music games,
SE ≈ SEGA * 6

SE ≈ Diablo like * 2

I presume SE means Square Enix, which means Theatrhythm has sold 6 times more than Rhythm Thief. Don't know what Diablo means though.

A Diablo-like 3DS game? Gotta be referring to Heroes of Ruin, no?

Yeah, that's what I guess too! So, Theatrhythm sold twice as many as Heroes of Ruin. Of course this means Rhythm Thief and Heroes of Ruin bombed since Theatrhythm sold like 70k or 80k copies.

Heroes of Ruin = 35k or 40k

Rhythm Thief = 8.75k or 10k

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