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AbbathTheGrim said:
d21lewis said:

Wha....what do you mean you were wrong?  I wasn't expecting that.  I just feel like arguing.  I say you were right! No matter what the storyline is, it always comes down to an epic battle between Mario, Bowser, and saving the Princess.  Even Daisy (and how did she end up being Luigi's girlfriend, anyway?  Mario saved her first!) was just another "save the princess" story. 

Yeah I did it for the sake of unpredictability... yeah. Nah, I took what you wrote as storylines for the 3D Mario games which I don't play cuz I never liked. But if it all comes down to that, then you yourself can attest.  :)

Those were the plots to Super Mario Bros., Mario Galaxy, I'm not sure, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Mario Galaxy 2, respectively