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d21lewis said:
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d21lewis said:
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Viper1 said:
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mysticwolf said:
I do enjoy when games have good stories, but it isn't a huge deal. It would just be nice to see some new villains.

How hard is it to give another reason to Mario to go forward in levels? That is just plain laziness what they do.

You're right.  I can't believe how much fun I've had over the years polaying Mario games when i shouldn't have.  Wow.  I've completely fallen for the 'save the princess' mechanic countless times all in the name of good, clean platforming fun.

I swear from here on out that I will never play another Mario game again until Mario's motivation for running to the right side of the screen is changed from saving the kidnapped princess to signing an intergallactic peace treaty with the High Priestess of Draydion beore the Karpathins finalize the Red Shift Quantum Harmonizer and obliterate the 9th dimension.

And, and....he needs to wear space armor.   And they need to replace the fire flower with a molten obsidian plasma thrower.   And he should stop driving go karts and switch to a star cruiser with a quantum tunneling drive. 

Man, I'm motivated to run to the right side of the screen now for sure.

Kind of makes it seem you think I have an agenda to change people's mind when in fact I don't give a damn what other gamers like or not. But I have the freedom to critize stuff, specially games people try to regard as flawless when they are far from it.

It is simple, they can give Mario another reason to get to the last level but they don't come up with anything. Koopa kidnapps the Princess. That is all, that is laziness and lack of creativity.

It seems like you made an attempt to ridicule complex storylines there, it seems.

The thing is they do give other reasons than just "Save the princess".  Koopa turns people into blocks, tries to recreate the universe, leads an army against the mushroom kingdom, steals magic wands and turns kings into animals, wants cake, and in the RPG's he does have complex motivation.  I'm just saying.

I was wrong. I guess there is indeed variation.

Wha....what do you mean you were wrong?  I wasn't expecting that.  I just feel like arguing.  I say you were right! No matter what the storyline is, it always comes down to an epic battle between Mario, Bowser, and saving the Princess.  Even Daisy (and how did she end up being Luigi's girlfriend, anyway?  Mario saved her first!) was just another "save the princess" story. 

Yeah I did it for the sake of unpredictability... yeah. Nah, I took what you wrote as storylines for the 3D Mario games which I don't play cuz I never liked. But if it all comes down to that, then you yourself can attest.  :)

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because: