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dpmnymkrprez said:
ArtofAngels said:

Okay this happened the other night and my old mate dpmnymkrprez made me wanna post this due to his previous thread about believing in aliens and stuff.

Anywho's this will be hard to explain, but basically the other night (Approx. 3 nights ago) I was lying in bed listening to music on my Ipod whilst my Girlfriend was sleeping (around 1am I recall) and I had my eyes open, I saw this weird light come into the room from the window on my Left, (Picture King size bed, I'm lying on the Left side (my left) and window is on the wall to the my left) So this weird and very bright white ball of light enters threw the window and moves up to the ceiling and makes it's way to the left corner of the room farthest away from me, it the stays in the corner for several seconds and then seems to fade out threw the corner and dissapears, weird huh? Kinda freaky too, I woke my gf up straight after.

Also note there is no road near that window and my room is up high (Top floor of a 2 story house).

I believe you saw something, Don't want to sound nuts but, I have had experiences in my day. I might have been a CEO at a laboratory but I did work contracts for cover up. Laugh away!Before I deleted my profile from here it was right on the money,I have been in Martial arts(extensive training/spec ops) as well as physics. I also worked as a chemical engineer in dual roles. I have a lot of schooling, I was ahead and skipped grades, I was also made fun of. I got into a lot of fights growing up, I am well rounded and constantly like to learn new things.

I will close this talk with this, I was closed minded until i was faced with hard facts.

Proven fact, If you are closed minded, you tend to be bitter. A free thinker is an artist, a scientist, a do-good person, a spiritualist, a healer. I have seen Tibetan Monks heal people, just because you havent seen it does not mean it did not happen. The more you want to know I say this, Study theology, study all religions. I was catholic as a youth, now i am a free thinker. Knowledge is being supressed, I do not want to sound like one of these conspiracy wacko's. Just stating I have witnessed, help cover up/formulate and use theory's. Like my old profile said, got out of it because of stress. Aside from physics I was working on cures for cancer, autism, and even alzheimer's. Autism and alzheimers was shut down, I do have an over the counter formula, try me!

anyone know anyone with the affliction? If caught at an early age autism in children can be 80% cured.

Sorry to go off on a rant but I try not to associate myself with closed minded people.

With free thinking, comes knowledge, power respect, spiritualism. If we taught the REAL history in schools and all religions, science and art, We would live in a better place.

I will say this, I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic school. I changed! Enuff said! so don't be bashing my bud!

 I believe it was said best in

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955), "Science, Philosophy and Religion: a Symposium", 1941